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VCL-2145-SSU:1+1 Redundant GPS / GNSS / Inputs / Outputs / Holdover

The VCL-2145-SSU is a fully redundant Primary Reference Clock (PRC G.811) NTP, PTP Grandmaster and scalable, intelligent, managed Synchronization Supply Unit specifically designed to provide very reliable, critical and high precision synchronization requirements for customers.

The VCL-2145-SSU (Synchronization Supply Unit) synchronization solution provides Phase, Frequency and Time synchronization with 1:1 protected (redundant) outputs to provide high quality synchronization references for synchronizing SDH, SONET, IP / Ethernet / MPLS, Carrier Ethernet, Synchronous Ethernet, DSL and PON networks.

VCL-2145-SSU systems support traditional T1/E1 synchronization as well as NTP and IEEE-1588 v2 PTP synchronization in next generation packet networks and 4G/LTE wireless networks. It may be also used by Railways, Airports (and Air-Traffic Control), Power Generation and Distribution companies and other Utility companies who require fail-safe, high-reliability and precise synchronized synchronization outputs that are concurrently locked to GNSS (GPS / GLONASS) References.

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VCL-2156, NTP Server

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