Master Clock System

The VCL-2156 NTP Time SERVER is designed to provide NTP Time and ITU-T G.811 Primary Reference Clock that is locked to a GPS / GNSS reference to provide time synchronization to private networks such as Railways and Metro (ticketing and platform) networks.

The VCL-2145-SSU is a fully redundant Primary Reference Clock (PRC G.811) NTP, PTP Grandmaster and scalable, intelligent, managed Synchronization Supply Unit specifically designed to provide very reliable, critical and high precision synchronization requirements for customers.

VCL-2145-D is a high-performance, GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) Primary Reference Clock that provides ITU-T G.811 Primary Synchronization Frequency References which are locked to a user selected GNSS (GPS-GLONASS-SBAS) Satellite source.

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