VCL-2156, NTP Server

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VCL-2156, NTP Server

VCL-2156, NTP Time Server and Primary Reference Clock (G.811)

The VCL-2156 NTP Time SERVER is designed to provide NTP Time and ITU-T G.811 Primary Reference Clock that is locked to a GPS / GNSS reference to provide time synchronization to private networks such as Railways and Metro (ticketing and platform) networks, Airports and Air-Traffic Control facilities, Electric Sub-Stations, Power Distribution and Transmission companies, Oil and Gas Utilities, ISPs and Cable TV networks as well as to Campus networks that are required to maintain a complete isolation from public networks for security reasons. It may be also used by 2G, 3G and LTE service providers which provide a ToD (Time-of-Day) reference to their customers over their wireless networks.

Ports include GPS / GNSS Receiver, and Output ports include 2.048 MHz, 10 MHz, 50 Ohms, IRIG-B Unmodulated, 1 x IRIG-B Modulated, 1PPS, 1PPM, ToD (Time-Of-Day) output compliant to NMEA0183 (DB9, RS-232C) and IPv4 and IPv6 NTP Time Server. OCXO Oscillator is offered for Holdover Clock.

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