Media Converter

4E1+1*10/100BaseT+4*FXO(S) +1*RS232 Optical Multiplexer

4E1 fiber optical multiplexer can multiplex to 4 E1 signals for transmission over an optical fiber, resulting

E1-RS232 converter realizes data conversion between ITU-T G.703 standard E1 (FE1) and 1(4,8) RS232 interface. Date interface mode is DCE,

Product model: E1-MUX8 Product function: FE1/8FXO<S>(E&M) (providing conversion from ITU-T G.703 standard E1 to Ethernet and 8 voice )

VCL-SafeComm 8 E1 Links (24 E1 Ports) (1+1 Automatic Protection Switch) Product Brochure & Data Sheet

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