E1 to RS232 Converter

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E1 to RS232 Converter

  • Model: ER01 (E1/RS232)
  • Model: FER01 (FE1/RS232)
  • Model: E1-4RS232(E1/4*RS232)
  • Model: E1-8RS232(E1/8*8RS232)


E1-RS232 converter realizes data conversion between ITU-T G.703 standard E1 (FE1) and 1(4,8) RS232 interface. Date interface mode is DCE, could connect to DTE or DCE device, every channel RS232 could transmit asynchronous 0~115200Kbps self-adapt. it is wide used in network monitor, industry control and environment check.


  •  FER01 ,E1-RS232,E1-8RS232 could realize long-distance monitoring of this end equipment to the far-end equipment (two-row indicator, upper row indicat local status, lower row indicat far-end status);
  •  RS232 rate support 0~115200Kbps self-adapt;
  •  Support 3 RS232 interface (TXD,RXD,GND),3 flow control (CD,DSR,CTS)
  • RS232 support hot-plug, connection to DTE or TCE device;
  • ER01 offer 2 kinds of loop-return function, namely E1 self-looping at local end (ANA) and RS232 self-looping at local end (REM)
  • FER01 ,E1-RS232,E1-8RS232 offer E1 self-looping at local end (ANA) and 4RS232 self-looping at local end (REM),command 4RS232 self-looping at remote end(REM);
  • AC220V and DC-48V for option, and DC-48V is  not divided into positive and negative pole with simple installation and maintenance;
  • has the function of pseudo-random code testing(PATT), which brings great convenience for installation, debugging and maintenance of equipment;
  • E1 interface supports 75Ω unbalanced and 120Ω balanced impedance at the same time;
  • realizes SNMP network management function in our chassis installation.


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