E1 to FX-FXO Converter

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E1 to FX-FXO Converter

Product model: E1-MUX8
Product function: FE1/8FXO (S) (E&M) (providing conversion from ITU-T G.703 standard E1 to Ethernet and 8 voice )  

Product introduction:
This multiplexer provides conversion between ITU-T G.703 standard framing E1 interface and transmit 1-8 voice signals through E1 channel, can realize long-distance extension of phone line through E1 channel. E1 signal can be transmitted by communication equipment such as PDH fiber optical mux and two LAN will become two segments in one LAN after interconnection. It is especially suitable for users of special network and can supply data and voice connection simultaneously for them through single E1 channel.


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