Packet with Multiplexer

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Packet with Multiplexer

The NPT-1021 is an extremely compact multiservice packet transport platform. A member of ECI’s Neptune (NPT) product line, the NPT-1021 is only 1RU in height, supports up to 60 Gbps in capacity, and is optimized for metro access nodes. The Neptune product line streamlines end-to-end metro service delivery by combining carrier-grade service assurance, visibility, and control with packet efficiency and unparalleled multiservice support. This includes packet, OTN, and TDM. It offers a powerful, flexible, and efficient E2E metro solution for high-performance services through convergence of Ethernet (MEF CE2.0 certified), MPLS-TP, OTN, WDM, and TDM. Neptune also supports NFV services and SDN applications, which are compulsory in today’s challenging metro environment

With such a rich and robust feature set, the NPT-1021 is well-suited for a wide variety of applications and networking scenarios. These include mobile backhaul, wholesale services, residential multiplay and business VPN connectivity services. Like all of ECI’s transport products, NPT-1021 is managed by the unified multilayer LightSoft® NMS.

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SDH with Multiplexer

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