Technical Specification

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Technical Specification

1.1 The requirements and scope of supply referred to in the Technical Specification are minimum and do not provide for all technical details, nor do they adequately elaborate on the provisions of the standards and norms, However, the seller shall guarantee the provision of high-quality products with complete functions in accordance with this technical specification and industrial standards, and shall meet the requirements of the compulsory national standards on safety, environmental protection, etc.

1.2 If the seller does not raise a written objection (or difference) to this Technical Specification, the buyer may consider that the seller fully accepts and agrees with the requirements of this Technical Specification. If there are any differences, should be in the form of mail timely feedback.

1.3 The seller is fully responsible for all products within the scope of supply, including products purchased externally. Major manufacturers of products purchased from abroad shall obtain the approval of the buyer.

1.4 The seller shall comply with the standards set out in this Technical Specification, if there are discrepancies, please refer to a higher standard.

1.5 After the signing of the contract, the buyer has the right to make some supplementary requirements due to the changes in the specifications, standards and rules.

1.6 The information provided by the seller shall be based on the national statutory system of units, that is, the international unit system.


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